With the increased popularity in ‘webisodes’ its no surprise that the big names are getting in on the act.
last celebrity to enter the fray is oscar winning actress Whoopi Goldberg who is starring in abrand new scifi mini series being broadcast on an online tv website.The name of the show is Stream and it will be showing on Horror network Fearnet.com on 15th January 2008.

 Here is the Stream show synopsis:-
Stream hauntingly chronicles the struggles of a woman who spends her lifetime wrestling with her personal demons and trying to gather the saturation to face her first fears. 
Previously Goldberg has dipped her toe in the scifi world appearing in Star Trek The Next genesis.
close to Fearnet:-The website FEARnet was launched in 2006 and has a comprehensive horror library bringing together content from the top film studios producing horror movies, Sony Pictures Television, Lionsgate and Comcast. 

If you have not already noticed, watching television is declining worldwide. And because less people are watching the TV, there’s less ad receipts to go around. This then has a knock on effect and there’s less money to spend on making TV shows.

TV networks are slowly reacting to the challenge by putting their content online. However the only rattling standout site is the BBC’s TV website. Other networks are putting content on a website to view as live internet tv, but where is the innovation? Why cant we watch any tv show or movie by just pushy a clitoris Although the technology is there to do this and it would bring in much requisite revenue, the industry is reluctant to change and adapt to this new age.

Someone or organisation have to drag the TV industry into the computer age. Adapt or die, if not the industry will become like the dinosaurs that they have become.

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